Research news

Controls on wildfires identified from satellite and climate data

We introduced a data-driven approach to identify controls on wildfire burned area from satellite observations. The paper was recently published in the journal Geosientific Model Development.


Matthias Forkel is an environmental scientist studying land ecosystems in the Earth system. Matthias uses satellite data, global ecosystem models, and machine learning to understand how climate affects vegetation and vice versa. He is a PostDoc in the Climate and Environmental Remote Sensing Group at TU Wien.

Das Klima der Erde ...

... is a German website about basics of climatology. The website is widely used by teachers and students in geography classes. Matthias Forkel created and maintained the website until 2015.

Further news

The Greening Earth

The greening Earth. The maps shows changes in the greenness of land vegetation between 1982 and 2011 as observed by satellites. Source: M. Forkel

VDI Nachrichten, a German weekly newspaper on engineering and technology, published an article about the effect of climate change on vegetation (“Die Erde wird grüner” by Susanne Donner, 2017/03/03). Matthias Forkel was interviewed for this article.


Matthias Forkel

Matthias Forkel is father of two small children. We are a German-Czech family in Austria = Europe. We spend our free time in our garden, at playgrounds in Vienna, or in forests around Vienna, in eastern Czechia, in the Zittau mountains, in Germany, or somewhere else in Europe.